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So I have a LocalPhone DID in Poland (4812...03). In part the purpose is to allow my family there call back to the states. So my goal is that when they call this number from their apartment or any of their cell phones, they'll do CallThru with an empty pin, thus giving them a dial tone. So I have a set of inbound routes that match against both that Trunk/DID and Caller ID.

I also have more general inbound route that matches against the Trunk/DID (but not CID) and send that to the Digital Receptionist.

When they call from their apartment (4812...22) it goes directly to Ring Group 201. That is my default inbound route, and it was an explicit route for their Trunk/DID + Caller ID early on (but since deleted). I don't know whether I'm not matching the inbound route, or that earlier/deleted inbound route is stuck in PBXES's database.

When I call my Polish DID from the U.S. my call matches against the inbound route w/o CID info and goes to the digital receptionist. When I add another inbound route that matches against the Trunk/DID and my own phone number CID, I can route that any way I want as well, including to a CallThru with no PIN. So routing seems to work except for when they call from the apartment in Krakow.

For the route that matches their apartment Caller ID, I copy the CID info directly from the data in the Call Monitor. And I would think if for any reason it did not match their Caller ID, it would still match the inbound route based on Trunk/DID without any CID. But it does not.

I tried tearing down the trunk and all the related inbound routes and re-building them, but get the same behavior. I've managed to convince myself that the problem is with an old/deleted inbound route still stuck in the system, which I cannot see or do anything about, other than appeal to the expertise in the Forums.

Thank you!


I was able to resolve the issue. I changed the trunk-matching on the inbound route to the name of the trunk rather than the phone number.

I not understand why when I call from one of my extensions that the inbound route matching with the phone number (rather than trunk name) appeared to be working. The call should have gone to the Polish LocalPhone DID via LocalPhone SIP, and perhaps that triggered different behavior on the part of LocalPhone.

Thanks to all those who read and pondered my post!

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