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· Virtual PBX as a service
· for IP phones and
· POTS phones/mobiles
· Up to 2 voice channels
· No monthly fees
· More features such as fax,
· queues, digital receptionists,
· callback, follow me,
· fixed mobile convergence
· Unlimited extensions
· CRM for Call Centers
· Billing for Call Shops
· Unified Desktop
· Realtime Database
· Free 14-day trial
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Welcome to the PBXes Shop

This is the place where you can get additional services for your PBXes.

Personal Support
Having problems or do not have time to set things up? We support you in setting up, enhancing and troubleshooting your PBX.

From 19.95 Euros

Soho Account
You get 10 extensions on the Soho Account. You can do anything you want with it.

From 4.95 Euros a month

Premium Account
You get an unlimited number of extensions, with everything you can do with the Soho Account, and run a simple call center via the queues.

From 14.95 Euros a month

If you want a professional call center with CRM integration, you get a PRO Account.


G.729 Compression
An option for low bandwidth requirements. Premium Accounts already support G.729 in "Passthru" mode which does not allow putting calls on hold (including most transfers) or recording. This option provides full support with transcoding.

From 4.95 Euros a month

What our Clients say
You guys rock !! If ever you wish to setup a server somewhere in the Middle East, I live in Bahrain (where VoIP is legal) and would love to cooperate with you.


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