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Thread: Phone Books tutorial

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Phone Books tutorial 11.08.2011 23:42 Forum: PBXes PRO

Does anyone know if pbxes still provides a phone book?

I looked for it and the closest thing I could find is indire che crm module.

I set up different accounts with their local extension number, but I couldn't understand how to dial those number based.

Does Pbxes have LDAP?
Am I forced to dial *411 to use the phone book?

Is there anywhere a guide to pbxes?

Thread: RE: LDAP access to the phone book

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RE: LDAP access to the phone book 11.08.2011 22:39 Forum: Feature Requests

I would definetely like an LDAP access

Thread: RE: Billing Software

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RE: Billing Software 05.08.2011 00:39 Forum: News

I wrote that I couldn't make it work. Then I got it and finally it's working.

info for everybody.

The credit field in the statistic page refers to the credit you have. So the total buy would be deducted from the total credit.

Is it possible to download a report for each extension or let's say, 2/3 ext combined?

Thread: RE: Voicetrading problem

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RE: Voicetrading problem 04.08.2011 22:17 Forum: Providers

I got som error twice with voicetrading

Once I got "this number is not a european number" answer from voicetrading lady

Second time I got connected with someone speaking a language I couldn't understand.

I was on premium route BTW

How weird...

Thread: RE: Call transfer from mobile to Pbx extension

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RE: Call transfer from mobile to Pbx extension 04.08.2011 01:45 Forum: PBXes PRO

Hi Diafora.

It's the first case. I use my trunks to call my mobile number.

Once I blind transfer the call, it goese back to the pbx in the right way...the weird thing is that the pbx tells me that the extension required is offline, even though it's registrered

If it was a case of DTMF mishaps, the blind transfer shouldn't work at all and the comunication should remain between the mobile user and the orginal caller.

Correct me if i'm wrong

Thread: RE: Call transfer from mobile to Pbx extension

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Call transfer from mobile to Pbx extension 03.08.2011 01:31 Forum: PBXes PRO

This is the call flow I would like to have

- Customer call the reception
-Pbx forward the call to my mobile
-i answer the call and then transfer it to the extension required with the help of *2 blind transfer code or with ## attended transfer code
- customer call in answered by the right person

This is what I have
- customer call the reception
- pbx forward the call
- I transfer the call using code ##XXX --> doesn't work; I use code *2XXX (X is my extension number)
- CUSTOMER'S CALL GOES STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL even though extension is connected and working

Can anyone help?

Thread: Unable to delete call record

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Unable to delete call record 01.08.2011 21:15 Forum: PBXes PRO

When i'm on the call monitor page I can't delete any record of my call, simply beacause I cannot select any record at all.
I think that a checkbox is missing on the left, in fact when i click on "select all", nothing happens.

I would like also to know if I can search calls using a date range

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