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Thread: RE: CallThru Dial Tone doesn't go away when dialling

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RE: CallThru Dial Tone doesn't go away when dialling 05.08.2010 10:39 Forum: Bugs

Originally posted by 181974
Sorry for the empty post, but I received an email with a reply alert from Bobmats but for some reason I can't see his post, only my first.

EDIT: I still can't see Bobmats reply even after this update. Very strange.

Check dtmf mode on your trunk / extension, this might make a difference. try different settings to see the result

Thread: RE: CallThru Dial Tone doesn't go away when dialling

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RE: CallThru Dial Tone doesn't go away when dialling 04.08.2010 22:55 Forum: Bugs

Check dtmf mode on your trunk, this might make a difference. try different settings to see the result

Thread: RE: Subscriptions

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RE: Subscriptions 03.08.2010 09:58 Forum: Feature Requests

Since you are not getting an official answer here is mine.

No it's very simple here at pbxes. If you cancel your payapl subscribtion even if you paid for say 1 year and you have 1/2 year remaining pbxes has choosen to cancel your account within 24 hours

This means you don't get what you paid for unless this 1/2 year of several month is worth more than 10 euro. In that case you will get your money back. Below 10 euro's they just take it because it's to much work. But you have to ask for this !!!!

So if you want to cancel you have to wait till 1 or 2 days before the end you paid than cancel it. Only than will you still be able to fully use it.

Don't blame me for these crazy rules. The explanation given was that some customers want to cancel want there account switched to a free account the same day. Don't understand why but that's the explanation.

Also be carefull if you switch credit cards in your account. If for example you get a new credit card, old one got stolen and you remove it from payapl, automatically your subscribtion will be cancelled.

Very user friendely don't you think.

Thread: RE: brother's account blocked

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RE: brother's account blocked 02.08.2010 21:13 Forum: Miscellaneous

I have been using pbxes for several year now and I still don't understand it.

The things i do understand are.

When using a free account ip's seem to be tracked. If the same ip's logs into another free account that could trigger a warning or block. Seems what you have done by settingup your brothers account.

If you ip registers say an extension on 2 free accounts that will trigger a block.

pbxes is a nice system if you know how it works. The help /wiki is very limited. Try google there have been some people settingup a manual by making screenshots.
pbxes does not offer any support for free accounts, free is free so don't complain. There is no access to the forum nor is there any published mailaddress. If pbxes is down (does happen more and more last year) free account are not moved to antoher server, just wait till it starts working again.

pbxes when you pay only means you can access the forum and post your questions or complaints. That said don't expect a fast official answer from iptel who runs it here. If you do get an answer expect it to be short (rude sometimes) or just referring you to another post that should asnwer the question. (which it doesn't most of the time)

If you want to have the account reactivated you will just have to wait wait and wait, sometimes it takes time, sometimes it it faster. If you are lucky you might get an explanation for the reason, if you you would just have to pay.

That said, you and your brother can use the same account, you can seperate the trunks and extensions, You can limit outgoing truks to an extension so really there is no need for 2 accounts and you can even call eachother thru an extension.

Thread: RE: brother's account blocked

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RE: brother's account blocked 01.08.2010 14:50 Forum: Miscellaneous

Welcome to the wonderfull world of pbxes.

You had to read all the terms and they state you can't have 2 free accounts. As you write you don't have 2 free accounts one for you one for your brother but by accessing your borthers account from your ip all alarmbells seem to go off and becau you did that your brothers account is blocked

It's free so you did not obey the rules. pbxes choose to have not support for free accounts, no forum access, no email.

The only way to get it activated to probably to upgrade to soho for your brother also or pay a reconnection free.

But you have to wait for iptel to respond to you and this is all up to him. So welcome to the wonderfull world of pbxes.com :-)

Thread: RE: Callback - no busy signal

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RE: Callback - no busy signal 23.07.2010 14:12 Forum: Miscellaneous

what if you select no number so any number would triiger callback, do you get a busy signal than ?

Thread: RE: all extensions dead

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RE: all extensions dead 23.07.2010 08:37 Forum: Bugs

You are right that is for the moment what is keeping me of setting up my own pbxes, it take more time.

But it also takes time when pbxes is offline again, I have to figure out myself how to get things going again and paying for a service that gives almost 0 communication and has a track record of becomming less reliable comparred to several years ago.

Also take a good look at the statistics 65489 accounts and 71955 extensions. This is around 1.1 extension per account. Most business and paying users would have more accounts so I really wonder how many free accounts there are and why paying accounts would have to pay for free accounts that also use the same cpu power and could be the reason of the less and less reliability.

But at the end of the year I will evalute the system and if pbxes has not improved in reliability but most important communication I will move on. The problem is that I have the feeling that communication will not change as it has become worse over time, in the end this will be iptels biggest problem.

Thread: RE: Callback - no busy signal

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RE: Callback - no busy signal 22.07.2010 22:41 Forum: Miscellaneous

I am using callback regularly and no problem getting a busytone.

I do have some problem when inside another country or different network.

Somtimes my mobile sents a caller id like +31xxx or 31xxx or 0031xxx and on some foreign network no caller id at all.

To make it work look in the call log for the caller id of you mobile phone and copy it exactly.

Because pbxes choose to have only 3 callback numbers (sucks) in the past I had to use all 3 possibilities to trigger a callback.

Solution was to get a free voip did number and use that exclusivly for callback. So no caller id, any number calling the number will trigger the callback. If you keep the number to yourself there should be no problem anyone else triggering it.

Thread: RE: all extensions dead

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RE: all extensions dead 22.07.2010 18:45 Forum: Bugs


I have been using pbxes for 3 maybe 4 years now. Have lost track.

In the early days no problem, some small ones but not long.

Many people choose pbxes because it should be failsafe. I like many others have a company and rely on phone lines working and customers being able to reach me. I think you have to agree that phone lines are still important. If not working some customers might call back new customer might just call another company.

The price for pbxes was very good several years ago and is ok these days.

4 years ago cloud hosting was not around and these these days there are many customers that offer servers having images on a san. In case one server goes down the vps or dedicated server is started on a backup machine. These technologies are becoming cheaper and cheaper and are available at lower prices. This not only means lower prices also reliability using systems like that are increasing.
Yes fire in a datacenter can always be an issue but this is not very common.

Yes when paying your account should be switched to another server automatically and this works most of the time. As I am mainly in the office and have many calls a day I normally notice when something goes wrong.

It has happened several times that a server was very slow and was beginning to show problems. The problem is that the failsafe system that transfers you to anther account not always seems to work and it might take some time before it does.
If a server does not respond anymore one can't change to antoher server by hand. I have requested that there is a status panel where someone can login and control the account and switch to another server.
As you might be aware many webhosters have a system where you can login to a control panel which is not on your server and you can restart your vps or dedicated server if it's down. A system like that would be a big step for pbxes.

The last year we had lots of problem with a paris server very unstable at certain point to the point where they took the server offline. There were only 2 European servers now.

As you will be aware there is a good reason to use a european server when located in the EU, ping times are lower and improves call quality.
When www3 has problems my account any probably many others changed to www4 which is a usa based server. This meant higher ping times and reduced call quality.

I still wonder why there has been no replacement server for the paris server. This can be a uk or nl based server. There ara many reliably hosting companies.

In the end it all comes down to price and the choices you make. Given the fact that pbxes has not decreased their prices and yes i mean decreased because after 4 years one should know that hosting has become cheaper of is now offering more cpu power, more memory, more bandwidth for the same price compared to 4 years ago. Or you could go for paying more and have backup server, raid 5 6 50 or 60 and not a software raid 1.

I don't know the setup of pbxes and they will probably not share this but I have the impression that the servers they are using now are more prowerfull compared to 4 years ago. This means more users on the same server. Prices has been the same so profit is higher. Last year there were 2 servers having hdd problems failing. If you have a raid 5 setup this is no problem, but I believe they only had software raid 1.

I see no evidence that withoing a datacenter a failsafe solution is used. This can be 2 second server, raid 5/6 50'/60 or san storage. Sure this cost more but the question is what do you choose reliability or maximuzing profit.

As for reliability I use online accounting from a dtuch company. Have used it 2.5 years now and never has any problems, no downtime besides maintance which they announce in advance. Whenever they do update the system this in always tested. So yes reliability is possible and I am still amzed for only paying 69 euro per month including telephone en online support.

This also brings up the question of free accounts. It's nice to have these and maybe the growth of pbxes is caused by these accounts. On the other side free account are on the same server as paid accounts and more users seem to also cause problems. From my point of view you should realy seperate free and paid accounts. Free is free and gives you no right to complain. Paid is paid and should mean that you can rely on a service and can complain.

I have brought up the complaining part several times and the lack of communication op iptel. I would not even call it customer friendly hence he even complains that we are complaining, this is turning the world around.

There are more unlogical thing in the way he does business. Datavolume has become cheaper the last years but a premium account is still limited to 5000 minutes. Given the fact that bandwidth has become cheaper this should be 10.000 minutes now.

The nexdt unlogical thing is that to make it failsafe we should get a second account. Now here comes the strange part. You can resell yourself a second account for 5 or 6 euro but if you go over 5000 minutes you have to get a second account but this cost 10,95.
Can someone please explain the logic behind this.
1 you buy yourself a second account using a new username costing 5-6 euro
2 you buy a second account under the same username costing 10,95

Logic ????

This brings me to the end of my story. In computerland hosting you get more for the same money everytime. pbxes 4 years ago was low price good system. One thing pbxes does not offer is service or you have to pay for that. There is no support phone nor email only this forum and you never know if they respond to a problem when or how fast and many times they will not give you more information when solved or what the problem was.
vps hosting has become cheaper and failsafe vps'es are cheaper and cheaper and some even offer elastix or asterisk images. In 1 or 2 years these vps will over even more bandwidth memory and cpu power at the same price and more reliability and will pbxes still offer the same of will they offer more for the same money or more reliability.

In the end a vps running your own elastic, freepbx or asterisk system will become more interesting. No 5000 minute limit, true phone support. pbxes will become less and less interesting.

to setup pbxes you do need to know a little bit about computers and settingup and setting up your own asterisk based server is becoming easier everytime and is not that complicated anyomore when hosting companies have images installed.

In the end pbxes still over good value for the money, but it used to be more value for the money.
reliability is not as good as it was several year ago.
Support is still very poor
Communication used to be possible through a telephone number in the beginning and thru email, this has been stopped and only forum communiaction is possible, thus meaning less support.

Given all these facts pbxes is offering less and less value for money and if they keep on going this way they will start loosing customers.

Thread: RE: all extensions dead

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RE: all extensions dead 22.07.2010 09:33 Forum: Bugs

I have several budgetphone lines too so 2 account is not the solution than.

Funny thing remains that now we need a second account to make things failsafe while pbxes itself should be failsafe without the user having to do things.

It's like telling someone that has hosting on cloud hosting that they need a second account in the cloud on a different server just in case one goed down.

Biggest problem remains the lack of information in case of problem. Last problem is a good example. www3 down, stwitched to www4 which is US server, than back to www3 and all extensions are dead.

At that point pbxes fails to give support and the solution was to manually switch to www1 so extensions would register. The only thing they can tell is get a second account to make it failsafe.
This is only to hide the poor support they are giving.

All that problem solving by the customer take time, cost money and is very frustrating. But wait we should not complain is the other answer they are trying to solve things.

Thread: RE: password rejected

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RE: password rejected 21.07.2010 23:22 Forum: Bugs

Deleting the pbx cookie might also help sometimes.

Thread: RE: all extensions dead

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RE: all extensions dead 21.07.2010 09:29 Forum: Bugs

Originally posted by i-p-tel

The distributed concept of PBXes allows everybody - including the free users - to jump to a different server if there are issues of any kind on one of the servers. This can be controlled from the Personal Data tab.

An automatic system can perform this kind of failover but sometimes a manual intervention becomes necessary. If this is too much of a hassle for you you can prepare in advance and set up a permanent second account on another server - just one possible option.

We are working hard on fixing the issue on www3. The server became unstable after adding new RAM. We did not expect that. One could only expect such effects for too less of RAM. What does not help at all, is complaining while we are doing our best to solve the issue.


As you can see from the availability report (http://pbxes.org/status) - service state breakdown for service HTTP - www3 was available all day with short interruptions of a few minutes each. This would have allowed a server switch under manual control to avoid them.

I am sure Diafora will add further details on how to setup a second account as backup.

So basically your advice is to setup a second account as backup, meaning pbxes isn't failsafe anymore.

I think the main reason many users choose pbxes.com was that you promote a failsafe system.

In reality this now does not seem to work as it should do. Also ask yourself the question how would it look from a marketing point of view where you promote a failsafe system but giving customers the advice to be 100% you have to get a second account.

When a server is down there is no way to manually transfer an account to antoher server. One has to wait for an automatic transfer. In case of www3 down the transfer is to www4 which is a USA based server, that has higher ping times from europe. Not the best solution.

As for complaining while you are doing your best to solve the issue.

Hello wake up we are your customers we are paying you for a service, you are not paying us or should we be happy to pay you and be allowed to use your service ?
If something is not working we have the right to complain. It might be frustrating to have customers that complain but I have told you this serverl times you fail to inform customers and only after many many complains we sometimes get some information.

Many companies have special pages where the write a short message there is a problem we are working on it , cause of the problem and he you inform customers.
It's easy to do this even on the forum, make a special section where no one can respond.
In this case you would have written, www3 is down we are investigating the problem.
Second message, problem found adding more ram caused server problems, we took out the extra ram and server is stable now. We will investigate the cause of this problem.

Seems very simple, costing only a few minutes to write and you take customers serious and informing them.

Als When you do answer questions or complaints they are short or only refering to another thread or you now complain that we should not complain.

Also many users will confirm that the last years there have been more and more problems.

You can continue to delte threads when customers are looking for another solution or just take them serious.

Thread: RE: all extensions dead

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RE: all extensions dead 20.07.2010 13:49 Forum: Bugs

Originally posted by Diafora
@bobmats: I mostly agree with most of your points as well.

But please keep in mind that for an extra 5 Euros per month you can have another PBXes account on the www1 server, to mirror your trunks and extensions, thus having instant fail-over instead of waiting for your account to move to another server.

Regarding the server you mentioned in NL, can you please get a quote for a server with 4 to 8 cores CPU (i5 or i7 from 2.5GHz to 3GHz), RAM of 8 to 12 Gb expandable to 32 Gb, 100 to 200 GB of HD space, 500 Gb to 1 Tb traffic per month, remote boot facility & rescue system. Let's find out what they will quote you.

www.xlshosting.nl they offer vps on a san, spare backup in case server goes down. They might offer dedicated hardware but you would have to contact them.

Online I can only see max 4 cores, 8 gb, 240 gb hdd 6tb data euro 214,10 per month, monthly contract. This includes restart on another server in case the server goes down, data stored on san.

or go to www.webhostingtalk.nl to get several quotes from dutch companies.

all also depens on the serive levels you need, I assume you manage you own server. In case of dedicated server, replacement of broken parts in 4, 8, 24 hours. Do you need 24/7 service or emergency number. Als questions you can post for a qoute on webhostingtalk.nl if you are interested.

But if you want to shop for a server there are many other hosters around in netherlands. Just depends on the spec you are lokking for. for reliability for my own webshop I am using vps with san and not dedicated server, but who am I telling you what's best. In the end it's all about what do you want to pay to may a failsafe system.

As for settingup a second account. this might be an option but ask yourself the following question ?

Pbxes promotes itself as a system that offers a failover in case of problems. Now you are really saying that in order to have true failover I would need a second account ?
You might be true because lately it looks that pbxes failover system does not work at all and I would need a second account.
But wait recently we have seen problem with many server to both might go down.

The real question here is really reliability of pbxes which seems to bee the big issue the last year.

I have been using pbxes for several years and in the beginning hardly any problems the last year more and more problems.

One can say the price for pbxes is low and has not changed the last years. That said servers have become cheaper or same price but 4 times the capacity comparred to 3 years ago. Same applies to bandwidth included in a setup. San storage and failover server have become more common these days.

It's nice also to have free accounts and offer these but maybe growth in that area affects users that are paying. You might want to think about seperate servers for paying customers and for non paying customers.

If 1 server of 2 go down they are switched to other server and I don't know if there is enough capacity for all that switching. Same question when I am located in europe I don't want a usa server to be switched to.

As I said some things really have to change. You are offering phone service and I like many others rely on the phone for doing business. When down it cost time and money and when it happens to much it's bye bye pbxes, here I come vps could server.

Thread: RE: all extensions dead

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RE: all extensions dead 20.07.2010 10:20 Forum: Bugs

I amnually changed from www3 to www1 and wow my extensions are registering now.

But wait the extensions that register thru sip address are registered and when receving an incoming line the pbxes statuspanel says it's ringing but the phone itself does not ring. Changed it back to registering thru sip.pbxes.org and now it does ring.

This has now cost me more than 30 minutes to solve a problem which should not have been a problem.
I have to write here on the forum, hoping I will get a responce.

pbxes should be a set and forget system but lately it has become a time consuming system.

If I have to spent 2 or 3 hours per month solving problems and writting here.

the conclusion is that pbxes is not worth the money anymore.

I have found a dutch cloud webhosting that has a failover system costing me around 15 euro for 1 cpu core, 512 mb ramd and 10-20 gb san diskspace. Looking at setting up elastix on that server.

It's time we get an explanaiting what is going on here.
PBXES.com is a nice system but if reliability is bad, we don't get answers to problems the only conclusion has to be stay away find another solution.

I hope we will get an answer what is going on, but givin the fact that iptel is not a very good in communication with customers i doubt that we will get some info at all.

Thread: RE: all extensions dead

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all extensions dead 20.07.2010 09:44 Forum: Bugs

What's going on, www3 was down swtiched to www4 and now back to www3.

All my extension are down. They won't register thru ip address or sip.pbxs.org

I have reset all my voip devices to reregister and this does not happen. some register thru ip address others thru sip.pbxes.org all are dead no registration possible,
I have also reset my account.

They were up till 15 minutes ago when I was making a call and then got cut off.

At around the same time I got a messsage that my account was restored to www3. Should I change back to www4.

This is not good !!!!!!

Lately you seem to have lots of problems and moving accounts seem to have become normal.

Can we make the conclusion that pbxes as a platform has become unstable and that we need to find another solution.

Also I have asked the last time why I was moved to an american service while I am in europe. You have a europen backup server and why are we not moved to that server.

You used to have paris server but that had many problems also. From 3 european servers down to 2 servers. Maybe it's time to add antoher european server, maybe uk or nl.

What about money back as it seems your system is missing reliability which a pbx should normally have.

Yes it would be nice if you take the time to respond or look into the rpbome.

Thread: RE: DID numbers for SUDAN

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RE: DID numbers for SUDAN 18.07.2010 21:51 Forum: Providers

Most african countries have skipped regular pstn telefone networks. Onces that still have are outdated on limited to small area's.

Mobile phones are the way to communicate in Africa and much cheper to deplay compared to regular lines.

On google you might find some companies like sipbroker that offer did number from many countries. Typically they are not the cheapest but if they don't have a did from a specific country you might not find it at all.

Thread: RE: down again....

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RE: down again.... 12.07.2010 17:39 Forum: Bugs

I was trasnferred to www4 new york. I am in europe and tranfer to other european server seem to be impossible. New york will give ne higher ping time, echo maybe.

So far for reliability.

I have been looking at cloud vpses. Those are vpses that use san as storage, whenever a server is down the image is restarted on a backupmachine automatically. Unless they have a datacenter problem you should be up 99.9%. 100% would only be possible if you have 2 servers 2 datacenters and be able to switch one on if the other fails. Complicated and expensive.

Elastix.org is a opensouce asterisk based software that can be installed on a vps.
You will need 256 mb minimum and 1 core depending on the amount of calls you want to make.

Price per month will be higher and you have to setup the vps and manage it. This is what is keepeing me off for the moment but lately pbxes seems to have major problems. If it remains like this vps on cloud vps will become more interesting.

Thread: RE: SipGate.de & Re-Invites

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RE: SipGate.de & Re-Invites 12.07.2010 10:58 Forum: Providers

Will check I am not using audio bypass but when I have some more time I will test it.

Thread: RE: Call Monitor / Usage not working

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Call Monitor / Usage not working 12.07.2010 10:53 Forum: Bugs

My call monitor only displays a blank screen
My usage only has some text for 2000 minutes and 5000 minutes allowed.

Did a restart but this does not make a difference.

Thread: RE: SipGate.de & Re-Invites

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RE: SipGate.de & Re-Invites 11.07.2010 20:25 Forum: Providers

have to check I have sipgate.de sipgate.co.uk and sipgate.com extensions.

Only use them for incoming call but never had any problems.

Is there anything I have to check for you when I receive a call on my sipgate.de number ?

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