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Thread: RE: BLF/SLA New to Voip/PBXes please help!!!

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geschockt BLF/SLA New to Voip/PBXes please help!!! 07.07.2017 03:58 Forum: Feature Requests

Hi all, I am very new to PBXes and phone systems in general. I have three Grandstream GXP2124's setup in my parents office. I have a premium account.

I want to set the phones up so that they work similar to regular landlines. So that if Phone A line is in use, Phones B & C will see the light blinking showing its in use and that they can "Barge" into the call or basically pickup the phone and select line A and can talk to the 2 people in that call.

Also a intercom system would be really nice.

Are these settings I need to configure in my phone system or through PBXes? Or does it need to be through Asterisk? I noticed some people somehow are running Asterisk in conjunction with PBXes. I do not understand this. Do I need a PBXes Pro account?

I know next to nothing regarding phone systems so any input will be appreciated. If someone thinks they can help me, please provide me with your contact info I would not be opposed to paying for your services.

Below are some links of what i've read in the forums similar to what I want but I have no clue have to get it to work like they have. There is also a link to my phone systems manuals.

Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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