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Thread: RE: setup for 2 accounts

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23.04.2008 19:26 Forum: Miscellaneous

There are many factors which can cause delays over VoIP; It is not always the distance that can cause the delays.

I used the San Diego server in Australia, and the delay (minimal) was neither an obstacle or annoyance. I am now in Canada and use the same server, again the delay is very minimal and like in Australia not really noticeable. I also used it abroad when travelling through Asia and the delay was not a problem.

Personally, I don't think having 2 separate accounts in attempt to reduce delay between calls from Europe to/from US is going to help much. It will probably improve the US company's call delay for incoming & internal calls though.

The other thing is to try the audio bypass feature (per extension basis). While it doesn't always work (depends on your network set-up), what it does is connect the party to the 3rd party directly without going through the middle-man PBX. For Example: if the US were to make a call to the US through a US VoIP provider, even if the PBX was in Paris, the audio would go only from the US extension to the US VoIP provider.

Other ways to reduce delays:
- Set up Quality of Service on the network so VoIP traffic has priority and gets through first
- Increase the bandwidth available for calls to get through on (i.e. faster connection)
- Choosing a different Codec can also help with latency/delays. Some codecs take time for the computer to encode/decode adding delays to the audio. Others have less encoding/decoding but use more bandwidth
- A different ISP may be able to provide faster & better Quality of Service routing for VoIP calls.


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18.04.2008 21:16 Forum: Feature Requests

Even if i have to run the server on my own side.

If you want, you can use software like IVM. It hooks up to PBXes as an extension, and can perform answering attendant functions (including dynamic TTS). It does cost money though after the 14 day trial.http://nch.com.au/ivm


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18.04.2008 21:12 Forum: Bugs

I had a similar issue some time ago. When I used a different browser/computer it worked fine. Eventually it started working on my main web browser.

Try clearing your cache and any cookies associated with PBXes and see if that helps.


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06.04.2008 03:27 Forum: Terminal Equipment

Have you tried going to Personal Data and then clicking 'Submit & Start' button?
This will essentially reset the pbx (you won't lose your settings, it just performs something similar to a restart) and it should fix any problems like this.

These problems don't usually happen, but I won't say they are unheard of.


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03.04.2008 00:09 Forum: Feature Requests

I thought I ought to mention that according to https://www1.pbxes.com/iptel_details_e.html

Free accounts only get 1500 minutes a month now (only about 3 GB worth).


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29.03.2008 07:29 Forum: Miscellaneous

1 - Create a new outbound route
2 - Pick a trunk, won't matter which
3 - Leave it set at all numbers
4 - Set a route password (to prevent calling without entering the correct password)
5 - Set extension to the extension you want to block

If all goes well, any outbound calls on that extension will be prompted for a password before they can be put through.


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22.03.2008 22:40 Forum: Miscellaneous

I had the same problem this morning (woke up to my family complaining that they can't phone out.. again).

All I did was a "Personal Info" -> Submit & Start (essentially resets the PBX) and everything is working fine now.

I believe it has to do with the recent failures on the San Diego (www2) server.. somehow in the transition in moving accounts to the backup server (New York, www4) and back, the PBX stopped registering properly with the VoIP providers.

Thread: RE: digital receptionist stopped working also recording are gone?!

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11.02.2008 17:29 Forum: Bugs

Same problem here.

I've spent the whole morning trying to upload a recording, with no success. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with the problem..

It keeps saying upload successful, but the recording is just blank when you test it. And also something that is a bit strange, it will even let you upload an mp3 (not permitted for recordings), and will say it has successfully uploaded.

Thread: RE: Is Engin not a compatable VoIP provider?

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01.02.2008 01:22 Forum: Providers

Are you sure you are registering with the exact correct username and password from Engin?

"Failed to authenticate" suggests an incorrect username or password (Note that some VoIP providers use a different username for authentication purposes).


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Lampe Seperate calls by extension in monitor? 10.01.2008 15:10 Forum: Feature Requests

I also have another feature request just below this in another topic, but this feature I've been meaning to ask about for a while.

Is there anyway we can have a feature built-in to the call monitor that enables you to separate the calls list by extension?

So for example, if I have guests staying with me, any calls they make on the 'guest' phone extension can be viewed through the call monitor by selecting that extension and then I can print out the calls and calculate the costs for them.

At the moment this is not very feasible... I would have to scan through the massive list of calls in the call monitor to sort out which calls are from that particular extension. It also doesn't help that when people call into a queue (how I have my system set-up), every extension that is in the queue is listed as a different call on the call monitor so the list fills up very quickly making it very hard to scan through.

Edit And yes I am aware of the search feature, but this doesn't always help (because if the extension also rings on incoming calls then when you search you get it both under the Caller-ID and destination columns)



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10.01.2008 14:58 Forum: Miscellaneous

As said above it is very dependent on your VoIP provider, and there is no guarantee you'll be able to choose the outgoing CID.

But I also wanted to point something out..

From what I understand, the Russian caller-id system is completely different to any other in the world, and works by playing a series of encoded and quick DTMF signals on the line as a call comes in. So I'm wondering about compatibility, even if you were able to set the outgoing CID, I'm not positive it would be readable by the equipment on the other end. Although since we're talking about a digital mobile phone network, perhaps it won't matter as I'd imagine it would use the same CID standard.


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09.01.2008 22:58 Forum: Feature Requests

EDIT: If * will cause too much trouble, # is fine instead, because one of the platforms that can be downloaded uses # keycodes (see below to understand).

It is an Aastra / Nortel Vista / Power Touch Model 390 Phone. See here for all the details: http://adsi.aastra.com/dealer/products.htm

It can be programmed to work with several different call management systems like Talk Switch, Altigen, etc. (but not Asterisk or similar).

They do provide a custom web programming service, but unfortunately, it says my phone is incompatible unglücklich So I'm stuck with downloading one of the pre-programmed firmware downloads. Depending on the platform I have downloaded (e.g. Talk Switch), the soft key buttons represent different numbers/codes to be dialed. For instance, on one platform there might be a "V-mail" key on the display and when it is pushed, it dials "#34'

Currently I have a server setup in my house that can answer VoIP calls with auto attendants and process them as needed. My idea is, create an extension that is linked up to that server..

Person presses "V-mail" button on phone
PBXes dials extension #34 (configured with my server) and the auto-attendant answers.
The auto-attendant allows the person to access the family voice mail (my voice-mail system is on my server).

Example 2
Person presses "Pick-Up" button
PBXes dials extension #20
My server answers, quickly asks the user what extension to answer and forwards call to **<ext>

I wish I could figure out how to get the custom phone programming to work though, it'd make a it a lot easier

P.S. Note that each download has different soft key values (e.g. instead of Talk Switch, I can download Altigen which would have different numbers associated with each key).


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# or * In extension? Possible? 09.01.2008 22:06 Forum: Feature Requests

I was wondering if there is anyway I can use a * (star) in an extension name/number/id.

The reason being is I have a phone which is preprogrammed with "speed dial" type buttons that I would like to send to an appropriate extension when pressed. Unfortunately, they are locked and not customizable (they are designed for another phone system / pbx) but if I could create extensions with * in them, I could have the buttons call those extensions.

Also, not as important.. what about the # key?



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09.01.2008 02:17 Forum: Miscellaneous

jjpieper, one important detail i-p-tel left out is that you can (if I'm not mistakened) purchase additional bandwidth quota for your premium account at the cost of 9.95 euros. So for approximately 20 euros you should be able to get 20 GB bandwidth quota.


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08.01.2008 20:57 Forum: Bugs

I once had problems with the status page where it wouldn't report the status correctly / the "LEDs" would flash red. Upon clearing my browser cache and restarting, the problem was corrected.

Thread: RE: "you registered more than one account" email, but I didn't!!!

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08.01.2008 20:56 Forum: Bugs

I'm pretty sure the reason they're not revealing that information is because it provides other users (who may have malicious intentions) information about how the system detects duplicate accounts and therefore they can work their way around it and avoid getting caught.

Are you sure it isn't something like the same IP address was used when signing up?

Thread: RE: Blacklisted by dukem

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Achtung [ ! ] Blacklisted by dukem 11.12.2007 06:02 Forum: Bugs

Hi, today I tried to call my grand mother and it gave the "All Circuits are busy" message... when I checked the call monitor it said the number is "blacklisted by dukem" can someone please tell me what's going on here and how to get a number un-blacklisted? And who exactly is "dukem" and why is only my grand mother's number being blocked verwirrt

Also when I try and view the status page all the "LEDs" flash red for a few seconds and then the flash object just goes blank.

Thread: My contribution

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05.12.2007 14:09 Forum: Miscellaneous

I agree there could be contact methods that are more available to users. Free users basically have no way of contacting the people who run the service, and are often left to either give-up or upgrade to a premium account (as you have) which I don't feel is very reasonable. I don't even think they have a sales email for contacting with questions prior to buying which I find a bit strange.

They do offer a support service, but at a cost, and I personally believe they should be able to provide some level of basic support for free (apart from the premium-only forums). Especially when it is regarding questions about the terms and conditions of the service, sales, difficulty with account set-up, or multiple accounts.

Anyway, you should know that now that you have a premium account, they can't and will not delete it due to having double accounts (they may however delete/disable your free account). Also if you log into your free account, delete all trunks, extension etc. and change the personal info and abandon the account, it should no longer trigger the PBXes system to flag it as a duplicate account and you shouldn't receive future e-mails about needing to upgrade.

Thread: RE: Ivr #t command

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05.12.2007 08:39 Forum: Feature Requests

Yeah I have the same request.

For example, lets say you want to have a quick "hidden" menu at the start of each call, but if no one selects anything while the message is playing, immediately send them to a call queue.

For example, lets say I tell a select group of people that they can dial a direct extension or access their voice mail, or use a call through system when they phone in if they simply press a key while the "Please hold while we answer your call" message is being played.

Currently, the only way to do this is to send them to a menu at the start of the call, and then have a long (non changeable) timeout pause while the system waits for input, and then they can be forwarded to the ring group / queue.

What we are looking for is a way to have a menu and its a case of either the caller presses the key in time (before th end of the message) or they miss it and are taken directly to the call queue with no pause.

Thread: RE: Notification of Missed Calls

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29.11.2007 18:22 Forum: Feature Requests

I agree this would be a good feature, but I also wanted to let you know if you want a quick solution, there are softphone programs out there that offer this feature and could easily be set-up to accomplish this task.

For example, you could setup the softphone with a new extension that is part of a Ring Group or Queue with the other extensions that you want notifications for.

Edit: I may have overestimated how many softphones support this feature, I somewhat assumed it was fairly common yet most of the popular softphones don't seem to support it.

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