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Thread: RE: Google voice(losing registration)

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RE: Google voice(losing registration) 21.08.2013 19:14 Forum: PBXes PRO

I have been having the same issues with losing registration, I have to go into pbxes and re-save the trunks manually each time. I have no idea what to do!

Thread: RE: Google Talk issues: when I receive a gchat, call drops

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Google Talk issues: when I receive a gchat, call drops 17.08.2011 21:07 Forum: Bugs

Hi all!

I have a weird problem that perhaps someone can help me out with: I've searched the boards but no one seems to have my particular problem. I have my Sipdroid hooked into PBXes which is in turn hooked into my Google Talk account, and for the most part it works absolutely perfectly. I do, however, have one odd bug: if I have gmail open on my computer, and happen to receive a gchat, the call drops. the Sipdroid screen says "no data", and I have to hang up and call the person back.

It doesn't happen if gmail is just open; I've happily had conversations with gmail open where I did not receive a gchat. The moment I receive that gchat, however, the call drops. It's an odd bug and so far I've been avoiding it by turning off gmail when I make calls, but I'd love to find a real solution.

Is there anyone else experiencing this issue / has a tip to fix it (or to look in the right direction to fix it?)

Thank you, and have a good day!

Showing posts 1 to 2 of 2 results

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