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Thread: RE: Please Cancel W/O Blacklisting

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Please Cancel W/O Blacklisting 21.04.2012 02:33 Forum: Miscellaneous

I believe I have done this correctly. I paid for one more month yesterday on this account as SOHO. Then I went back in and unsubscribed at the Shop page and removed the subscription from PayPal.

I have other accounts. I realize that you don't like this, but they are for separate clients. So, please do not black list my numbers. I spent HOURS trying to figure out what was wrong with my phone -- after getting angry emails from clients that couldn't reach me for days.

These are all paid premium accounts so please don't mess me up. I'm just trying to service several clients -- more revenue for both of us.

**** Update 4/20/2012 6:38PM PDT ****

I received the email below:

This can have the following reasons:

* You requested cancellation of your soho account.
* You failed to make a payment.
* You removed your credit card from PayPal account.

Please read the FAQ in our DOCS for further information.

OK I have read the FAQ (http://www1.pbxes.com/community_e.php?display=wiki) and do not find any reference to canceling accounts.

I have unsubscribed on the shop page which takes me to PayPal and there I removed only the subscription for the SoHo account. The subscription for the other account is still valid as is my credit card at PayPal.

This is what I remember doing last time and was black listed.

In trying to solve this I found several entries from others with the same problem.

This thread http://www1.pbxes.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=1205824702.
says "Log into the old account and delete it (in Personal Data)."

I do not see what I am supposed to click in the personal data page to delete the account

Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to do this correctly. Thanks.

Thread: RE: paypal multiple accounts

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paypal multiple accounts 21.03.2012 20:04 Forum: Miscellaneous

I need to cancel one of my PBXes accounts. They are all paid on the same PayPal account. How do I know which one to cancel? They are on different dates, but I don't know how to trace this to the account I want to cancel.

Thread: RE: PRI to PBXes

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PRI to PBXes 02.11.2011 01:20 Forum: Terminal Equipment

I have a client in Alaska that is anxious to use PBXes.

However, there are no SIP providers for Alaska / Area Code 907

The local telco suggested a PRI line with 100 DID numbers and 23 channels.

Can anyone help me identify the hardware needed to connect a PRI line to pbxes.org?

There are lots of solutions out there for Asterisk & Digium. I just don't know if any of them will let me enter the SIP URI xxx@pbxes.org.


Thread: RE: Extensions missing

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RE: Extensions missing 31.10.2011 20:51 Forum: Bugs

Hopefully everyone saw my notes in the other thread.

There is a work-around to get back up and running.

Thread: RE: Extensions Missing

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wütend Extensions Missing 30.10.2011 17:46 Forum: Bugs

All of my extensions are missing?

No list appears when I click on extensions.

However, when I attempt to add an extension that should be there I get an error that says the extension exists.

And, my phones can register and use the extensions.

The problem seems to be just that they don't show up for me to edit.


I added a new extension and it does not show up in the list. So this problem is for both new extensions and existing.

No extensions appear in Status.

Calling extensions results in busy,

Outbound calls are OK


Resolved -- sort of.

I switched to the NY datacenter (ww4) and the extensions appeared in the list. I tried switching back to Seattle and they were still missing.

I had t re-save all of them before they would work again -- they all reported as busy until I did this.

Now all is good and they appear on the status screen.

I am going to stay with NY for awhile to see if anyone else has problems with Seattle.

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