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Thread: RE: bug outside incoming calls

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RE: bug outside incoming calls 15.08.2011 03:08 Forum: Bugs

Hi Diafora,

Thanks very much for the advice. I did create a incoming route called mr5858-viatalk which point to the extension where I want to receive the calls but the behaviour is still the same, meaning, everything works like a charm when I call from ipkall.com and when I call from my trunk provider Viatalk I always get the "user not found" like message.

I remember reading one of the post with a similar problem with another DID Provider and it was regarding using the "invite" field instead of the "to" field.

This is what I got from Viatalk's technical support:

We are properly sending the call to your SIP address. Here is a capture of the call:

0.000000 -> SIP/SDP Request: INVITE sip:mr5858-103@pbxes.org, with session description
0.112550 -> SIP Status: 404 Not Found
0.112649 -> SIP Request: ACK sip:mr5858-103@pbxes.org

As you can see, the host, pbxes.org ( is replying with a 404 Not Found message indicating that it cannot find the extension mr5858-103. If you have any other questions, let us know. Thank you.

Eric Iversen
Systems Engineer

Please Advice how we get out of this catch 22.


Thread: RE: Answer External SIP calls

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Answer External SIP calls 12.08.2011 06:05 Forum: Bugs

Hi There,

I am really puzzled by the idea that we cannot expect a predictable behaviour from our IP PBX regarding answering external sip calls.

I have setup various extensions with their respective inbound routing so they can receive calls from the outside world but I cannot get it always to work.

For example, my extension mr5858-103@pbxes.org is able to receive calls from ipkall.com but not from viatalk.com which is my trunk provider.

The fact, that it works like a swiss clock with ipkall.com, tells me that the configuration for the extension mr5858-103 on the pbxes.org side is correct.

Can anyone tell me where the problem lies ?. If you speak to viatalk.com they will tell you that their servers are receiving a "addresss does not exist" like message in response.


Thread: RE: bug outside incoming calls

Replies: 3
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bug outside incoming calls 10.08.2011 16:33 Forum: Bugs

Hi there,

I cannot receive incoming calls from Viatalk.com to my extension mr5858-505@pbxes.org. I called them and they said they are getting from your server "address not found".

I was able to forward calls to my extension using ipkall.com so I know everything is setup correctly.

Please advice, Thanks

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