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Thread: RE: Settings using Polycom Phone

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Settings using Polycom Phone 26.02.2011 21:51 Forum: PBXes PRO

I am new to the SIP world. I tried to search for answers on this forum and elsewhere but am still stuck. Thank you in advance for your help.

My goal is simply to use PBXes in conjunction with Google Voice to have a reliable and good quality phone line through the Polycom IP 650 phone I have on my desk.

I originally stumbled into PBXes and registered through Sipdroid however I only have a minor interest in using the PBXes service through Sipdroid. My primary interest is using my Polycom desk phone and then secondarily a softphone client.

X-Lite 4 and Sipdroid seem to work okay for me but trying to use my Polycom phone had seen marginal functionality at best.

Out going calls on the Polycom work ok but every incoming call has failed for the last several days (since I signed up.) Incoming calls ring but when I try to answer on the Polycom the connection is never successful. My best guess is that I am using an incompatible codec setting because every call is ringing but upon answering every connection attempt fails. (Alternatively I can answer calls through softphone and sipdroid ok.)

My "Transport Settings" on the Polycom phone are: DNSnaptr, UDPonly, TCPpreferred, TCPonly, or TLS I believe I have tried each of these settings with the same unsuccessful result. I don't know which one is best but I would like HD Voice if possible.

A seperate question is can I be registered to my PBXes accounted on multiple devices at once? Ex: my polycom phone and a softphone client at the same time.

I would certainly appreciate any help in getting my phone configured or perhaps a link to the right information source. Thank you!

Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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