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Thread: RE: Google Voice Peering

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RE: Google Voice Peering 10.11.2011 16:45 Forum: News

Originally posted by distinct
It did indeed not work with a non-gmail.com google account. I had to set up a gmail account first and now the trunk works fine with the @gmail.com user.

I ran into this problem as well. For PBXes to log into a GV trunk it appears that the login name MUST be a <username>@gmail.com address.

If you have a GV account on a non-gmail address you can add a gmail address to your Google Account and keep your phone number and settings.

Considering some other info I found on the web, this is likely a Google Talk bug/issue and not a PBXes one.

As an additional note, when I added a non-gmail GV trunk to my account it broke ALL of the GV trunks on my account. I had to delete all GV trunks (even gmail login ones,) restart my PBX, and then add back only gmail GV trunks.

Thread: RE: Loud static instead of normal ringback tone in Digital Receptionist

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Loud static instead of normal ringback tone in Digital Receptionist 10.11.2011 08:41 Forum: Queues, Digital Receptionist, Faxmail, Voicemail and Ring Groups

After the Digital receptionist answers anytime the caller should be hearing a ringback tone* very loud "static" plays over callers headset. I am putting static in quotes because I think I can hear a bit of the real ringback tone buried in the noise, but it is mostly static. The static starts and stops for the same period as a normal ringback tone. I.E. two seconds of static, three seconds of silence, two seconds of static, etc.

(*ringback tone: the tone the caller hears ringing in their earpiece to let them know the phone is ringing on the other end.)

I have done a bit of testing and:

  • This static is ONLY during ringback after the digital receptionist (DR) pics up. All other audio is clear, including any ringback before the DR, a sample ringback tone I uploaded as a test prompt inside the DR, audio after ringback finishes (the callee picks up the phone after the DR forwards the call, etc.
  • It happens no matter what I am ringing: SIP extension, Classic (POTS), going back to the GV number for voicemail, ring group, etc.
  • I am using Google Voice trunks. (Someone else on the forum reported a similar, but not identical, problem with GV trunks and the DR that was never resolved.)

Any help, insight, or confirmation that this is a known problem with GV trunks would be greatly appreciated!


Thread: RE: Settings using Polycom Phone

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RE: Settings using Polycom Phone 23.10.2011 09:07 Forum: PBXes PRO

I know this is an old thread, but I'm having the same/similar problem.

Outbound calls from my Polycom IP550 (running SIP 3.2.5) work just fine using the Google Voice trunk.

Inbound calls over the GV trunk ring to the Polycom phone, but I cannot answer it. (It just keeps ringing if I pick up the handset or hit the answer key.)

I've turning on G.722, but other than that I have a default setup.

I can answer calls on an X-lite softphone registering to a different extension on my PBXes account.

A workaround I found is that I signed up for a free sipgate.com account for free incoming sip calls. Set that up as a trunk in PBXes and set GV to forward to my sipgate number and not GV.

I.E. I can answer incoming calls from the Polycom just fine when they come in over a SIP trunk rather than a GV trunk.

(It would be nice to be able to use the GV trunk directly, since then I could use Google Chat receive calls rather than having to keep the softphone running while I am away from my desk.)

EDIT: Upon further testing GV was seeming to have intermittent problems connecting calls in general. Restarting my account did not help, but I changed my preferences from the newest software to "stable" software, and moved from the www4 server to www2 and all of the problems seem to be resolved. (I can now answer calls coming in on the GV trunk on my Polycom phone.)

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