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Thread: control panel not working

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control panel not working 13.11.2011 15:56 Forum: PBXes PRO

problem with control panel today.
can't make changes using control panel, system times out
page loads but when I select buttons for:
"submit and restart"

nothing happens.

Thread: RE: billing question

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RE: billing question 06.03.2009 03:45 Forum: PBXes PRO

I discovered the confusion, on my account (username: jimfla) it shows that I have 1 premium subsription and 10 pbx pro subscriptions. It is my intention to use my Pbxes account with 4 extensions with unlimited minutes. My question is should I subscribe to 1 premium and 4 pbxes Pro subscriptions to accomplish this??

If so, how do I unsubscribe to 6 pbx pro subscriptions and not screw my account up.

My main concern is that i unsubscribe to something using your "store" and eliminate very elaborate setup in my account.

many thanks for your assistance.

Thread: error message "personal data" page

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error message "personal data" page 27.02.2009 20:06 Forum: PBXes PRO

i am trying to submit changes on the "personal data" page, but I get an error message,
"email address not valid"

i tried several different email addresses and get the same error and it does not accept my changes

what am i doing wrong?

Showing posts 1 to 3 of 3 results

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