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Thread: RE: account change

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RE: account change 25.10.2012 19:03 Forum: PBXes PRO

Dear i-p-tel
I have 4 Premium accounts and 4 extensions.
I need to switch to 2 PRO accounts and 2 extensions.

What shall I do? Is this ok:
1- delete 2 extensions
2- subscribe PRO account
3- subscribre one more PRO account
4- cancel all Premium accounts (on pbxes.org? from paypal?)

Please tell me if this is correct. I can't risk disturbing users,

In terms of quality and uptime, is PRO and Premium treated the same? I am asking because i have another PRO account on www1, and in the last months it had some failures, whereas Premium account had zero failure.

Thank you

Thread: RE: Adding multiple extension to use outgoing route

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RE: Adding multiple extension to use outgoing route 09.02.2012 16:57 Forum: Queues, Digital Receptionist, Faxmail, Voicemail and Ring Groups

Your answer is pretty clear.

In case i have extension 1 and extension 1001, can i use xxx1 to allow both?

Do you have a wildcard similar to ? in regexp?


Thread: Alternative registrar and ports

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Alternative registrar and ports 27.01.2012 18:53 Forum: Miscellaneous

Dear IP-TEL,
You are doing a great job.

I need to know if registration with www3.pbxes.com (instead of pbxes.org) will always be supported. I'm forced to use it for a specific configuration, and it works great. I need to know if it'll always work.

Same question for ports53, 69, 80, 135, 161, 443, 500, 1433, 1701, 1812, 3389, 4500, 5061, 5900, 16999, 26999, 36999. Do you confirm that you recommend 36999? Will it always be supported?

Same question for as proxy, will it always be supported? Do you have a hostname instead?

Thanks a lot

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