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Posted by beppebs on 01.03.2020 at 17:48:

geschockt extension username

my sip device does not accept dash (-) as part of the username in extension.
attached screenshot


Posted by i-p-tel on 02.03.2020 at 10:39:

RE: extension username

On your pic it says Registration Status: Registered. Are you sure it does not work?

Posted by beppebs on 02.03.2020 at 11:48:

traurig RE: extension username

because I had put old direct VOIP parameters, without going through PBXes

Otherwise I can't use the phone, because it doesn't allow me to enter the correct username that PBXes uses

You can replicate error if you have Huawei B525 modem
, or Huawei E5186s modem

Click on the following link for Huawei E5186s-22a modem screenshot

Huawei E5186

Posted by i-p-tel on 04.03.2020 at 12:10:

RE: extension username

OK, thanks for your request.

At present we can't offer a solution. The '-' is mandatory for PBXes.

Posted by beppebs on 04.03.2020 at 14:55:

RE: extension username

How can I solve my problem?

I have both of the above mentioned modems from Huawei, but I think all the modems of this famous brand have the same setting

Posted by i-p-tel on 04.03.2020 at 15:26:

RE: extension username

There is a chance of manually reconfiguring your PBX. We would change an extension from lets say username-123 to username_123.

Please let us know which extension number to change.

After that, you can't edit the extension any more. If you do the change would be reverted.

Posted by beppebs on 04.03.2020 at 15:50:

RE: extension username

extension 200

Posted by i-p-tel on 04.03.2020 at 17:45:

RE: extension username

OK, done.

Posted by beppebs on 04.03.2020 at 22:12:

RE: extension username

I'm sorry, but now, it doesn't work out entirely.

Whether using PhonerLite or Zoiper,
extension is not
  either with underscore (username_ext), or with underscore (username-ext)

Posted by i-p-tel on 09.03.2020 at 10:54:

RE: extension username

We've done the change a second time. Would you like to try to register again?

Please don't re-save your extension 200. Otherwise the change will be reverted.

Posted by beppebs on 10.03.2020 at 22:40:

RE: extension username

I have tried it, it is registered but it does not work with huawei 525 modem

instead, it works with PhonerLite, using extension _200

I then reported with direct Voip connection with the provider.
and this works


After a few unsuccessful attempts,

I managed to get the huawey b525 to work with the extension code you edited.

Thank you

Posted by player1 on 19.10.2022 at 17:25:

RE: extension username

Hello, I have the same issue, for which I opened this thread
Huawei B535
Is there a way to switch to the underscore instead of dash, or is it manually done?

Posted by i-p-tel on 20.10.2022 at 13:36:

RE: extension username

It needs to be done manually. On which extension(s) do you want to have the underscore?

Posted by player1 on 21.10.2022 at 10:15:

RE: extension username

I'd want it on the extensions pla-001 and pla-002. Thank you!

Posted by i-p-tel on 21.10.2022 at 14:49:

RE: extension username

Done. Please let us know if the change has been successful.

Posted by player1 on 21.10.2022 at 17:07:

RE: extension username

Hello, thanks but it doesn't seem to register, either with the huawei b535 or even with Zoiper lite, which previously worked (before the underscore edit).

Edit: I see in this topic that also for user "bep" it wasn't registering the first time, and then you made a second change.

Posted by i-p-tel on 03.11.2022 at 12:40:

RE: extension username

Thanks for your patience.

We found a typing mistake, and verified that registration is now working with the underscore.

Posted by player1 on 03.11.2022 at 17:02:

RE: extension username

Thank you i-p, the huawei router now registers successfully.

Now I have a different problem of Congestion with the incoming calls. But I'm opening a new thread for this issue.


Posted by i-p-tel on 03.11.2022 at 18:42:

RE: extension username

Glad to hear registration and outbound is working from your huawei.

The inbound is a problem related to this _ for - configuration. That's why I deleted the separate thread.

We modified another table. Can you please check if inbound is working for you now?

Posted by player1 on 03.11.2022 at 19:02:

RE: extension username

Ok thanks for the quick reply. The inbound is still not working, tried router and zoiper with the same result.

edit: sounds like we are near to the solution, let's sort this out mate

should I buy personal support to fix this?

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