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Posted by soundcloud on 13.02.2014 at 22:14:

Extensions in USA and Europe ...

I need to deploy some new VoIP phones into our conference rooms in New York and San Francsico. We currently only have VoIP here in Berlin.

I am using Skype SIP trunks which seem to reduce latency by the virtue of anycast but I'm worried about the latency involved in having a client in San Francisco connecting to www1 and then dialling back into the US locally.

Is there any way to have US clients connect to a US server and European clients connect only to the Euro servers or am I looking at having to have two separate accounts ?


Posted by i-p-tel on 14.02.2014 at 18:10:

RE: Extensions in USA and Europe ...

There was in interesting discussion about this going on in 2008: http://www1.pbxes.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=1208967936

You would actually need two separate accounts, which can now be integrated by using the "Sub PBXes" feature. One of the two accounts will be the sub, and one the master.

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