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Posted by i-p-tel on 01.05.2007 at 23:58:

PBXes PRO -- Multichannel Customer Interaction

It has been one year since PBXes was launched. In the meantime lots of features have been added and improved. Among the most popular functions is PBXes mobile integration that saved many a lot of bucks already.

Still users missed functions like CTI, TAPI, exporting call logs etc. We decided not to add some plug-in but developed a unified system to address these wishes for more features.

The new extension is called "PBXes PRO" and allows you to integrate the core communication channels of your organization,

into one unified desktop. It centralizes your contact information, calender, activities history and more to be able to access it on-demand over the Internet. PBXes PRO is ideally suited for the communication needs of

All holders of a Premium Account are free to test and use the new product during the public BETA, starting from now and planned til August 2007.

Posted by rdarioc on 04.12.2011 at 08:42:

RE: PBXes PRO -- Multichannel Customer Interaction

Dear Sirs,

Is there any way to contact you directly to ask for a sales offer/business opportunity other than driving to your office in Germany? I am in Frankfurt but I would like at least show up with an appointment.

Best regards
Rosario D. Contarino

Posted by i-p-tel on 04.12.2011 at 16:27:

RE: PBXes PRO -- Multichannel Customer Interaction

You may discuss here, or in the personal support area if you want to keep it private.

Posted by rdarioc on 04.12.2011 at 18:48:

RE: PBXes PRO -- Multichannel Customer Interaction

I understand, but I need to discuss about your service in person as I am integrating a solution carrier grade for over 10k users and I cannot manage this size of project just online.

I am willing to come visiting your offices or premises at your headquarter but I need first to arrange a meeting in person.

Is that possible?

If you want you can send me contact details in private at rdcontarino@gmail.com

If you need to keep details confidential I am also willing to sign a mutual NDA.

Looking forward for your kind reply.
Best regards

p.s. I must say when I saw on GoogleMaps your spot as an empty lot, it didn't give me much confidence then fortunately German Yellow pages have an updated image. Anyway I need to discuss in person the details of our project, hopefully under NDA and a forum or a paid-online assistance service is definitely not the appropriate place.

Posted by i-p-tel on 07.12.2011 at 14:33:

RE: PBXes PRO -- Multichannel Customer Interaction

In this case please send a short note to presse@i-p-tel.com to give us an idea what you are talking about. After review we will be happy to discuss with you.

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