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Posted by halldis on 25.06.2012 at 17:47:

Sound Distorted - bad quality

Dear Pbxes,
IVR and music on hold sounds very bad, like metallic noises being playd along with music or speech.

Recordings are made from human voice and sampled at 8hz 16 bit mono and they play nice on my computer.

Tried the same recording with another pbx. No issue here

Posted by evosolutions on 05.02.2013 at 23:40:

RE: Sound Distorted - bad quality


Same problem here. But this only occurs for incoming calls. For outgoing calls the music on hold plays fine.

Can someone help?


Posted by i-p-tel on 08.02.2013 at 00:48:

RE: Sound Distorted - bad quality

Are you using the same SIP provider for inbound and outbound?

Posted by evosolutions on 08.02.2013 at 00:49:

RE: Sound Distorted - bad quality

Yes! In this case the SIP provider is vono.net.br

Posted by vincenzol71 on 12.02.2014 at 13:10:

Sound Distorted - bad quality

I noticed the same problems on www1 & www3 due to Pbxes problems... but I saw my credit for trouble shooting discharging all!

That is a problem of yours.
So why did u descharge my credit?

Posted by i-p-tel on 12.02.2014 at 14:58:

RE: Sound Distorted - bad quality

@vin... If you ask for Personal Support we charge 15 minute increments. There is still support time left to help you.

You mentioned after changing to www2 your audio is better. To resolve the issue prodiving your IP address would be helpful, e.g. a dyndns one. Otherwise a trace can be made from your end, which we can forward to the datacenter provider in Nürnberg. You run MTR to www1 . pbxes . com.

Posted by vincenzol71 on 13.02.2014 at 12:20:

RE: Sound Distorted - bad quality

This is a trace to have a look at the routinh, from my site to your servers in Nurnberg

Thank u

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