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Posted by halldis on 17.11.2011 at 19:22:

[Workaround found]Voicemail not working

UPDATE 04/01/2012
Restoring system configuration from source "extension -->from internal cont" fixed the problem

UPDATE 07/12/2011
Features code
*97 (app-messagecenter original)
*98 (app-messagecenter original)

are still not working

I had to modify source code by integrating app-messagecenter into ext-test.

System didn't recognize app-messagecenter.
So the bug is still present, but I find a workaround.

starting today I can't check any voicemail.

Whether I dial *97 or *98 I always end up with a "Not found" error

In source code I can see that those codes are properly configured.
I already tried to swtich to www3 and www4 without results. Submit and start does not have any effect either.

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