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Posted by gorstj on 17.09.2011 at 23:39:

Calling SIP URL

Just starting out with PBXes

After setting up my outgoing trunk (sipgate.co.uk) I can't call any sip numbers e.g. xxxxxx@eu.voxalot.com
I can call sipgate SIP numbers e.g. xxxxx@sipgate.co.uk
I assume this is because sipgate.co.uk does not allow me to call SIP URL's. I can call PSTN numbers through sipgate fine.

If I delete all outgoing routing however, I can call the above SIP URL without problem. Presumably PBXes makes the connection directly. How can I set this up and have sipgate as my default PSTN provider?

Thanks in advance.

Just looked in the logs when calling 2xxxx9@eu.voxalot.com
When default route is sipgate.co.uk then it calls' sipgate/2xxxx9' and fails

When I have no outnound route it calls 2xxxx9@eu.voxalot.com and the call works

When default route is voipcheap.co.uk then it fails in a similar fashion to sipgate.

It seems that PBXes is altering the SIP URI when an outbound route is set?

Sep 17 22:28:13 VERBOSE[6584] logger.c: -- Called sipgate/2xxxx9

Sep 17 22:29:32 VERBOSE[8675] logger.c: -- Called 2xxxx9@eu.voxalot.com

Sep 18 01:01:11 VERBOSE[69920] logger.c: -- Called voipcheap.co.uk/2xxxx9

Posted by Diafora on 19.09.2011 at 10:51:

RE: Calling SIP URL

In the above call scenario, PBXes is not altering any SIP URI's. When there is no Outbound route configured, it uses the default ENUM trunk to complete OnNet calls, to destinations such as Voxalot.

In order to complete calls to both OnNet and OffNet destinations, create an ENUM trunk and place it first on the Outbound Route you have created for your SipGate trunk.

That will take care of the OnNet calls, and the SipGate trunk in the second place will take care of the OffNet (PSTN) calls.

Posted by gorstj on 20.09.2011 at 12:10:

RE: Calling SIP URL

Thanks you your reply.

I get the same behaviour if I add a an ENUM trunk and make that into an outbound route (I have tried that as my first and last route and as the only route)

(n.b. I thought ENUM was for converting a PSTN number into a sip address to avoid call costs, and hence not relevant in this prolem?)

If I have one outbound route (to sipgate) but put 'numbers starting by 44' in 'set destination' options then calling 2xxxx9@eu.voxalot.com works

I assume when I set the outbound route to 'valid for all numbers' it assumes that I want to send SIP URL there as well (which obviously I don't). Is this the intended behaviour?

Thanks for any further help

Posted by i-p-tel on 23.09.2011 at 10:28:

RE: Calling SIP URL

Reason is you are calling SIP URLs consisting of digits before the @. That's why they get routed as phone numbers. Try calling alphanumeric addresses.

Posted by halldis on 23.09.2011 at 18:07:

RE: Calling SIP URL

Is there a workaround to call a sip uri beginning with a number?

I have an analog pbx with a VOIP interface that has identities beginning only with numbers.

Maybe I can create an outbound route lo filter the identiy.

Posted by gorstj on 28.09.2011 at 05:19:

RE: Calling SIP URL

This certainly sounds like a bug?

Posted by halldis on 28.09.2011 at 21:24:

RE: Calling SIP URL

meanwhile I found a workaround.

Create a SIP extension.
point it to the SIP uri required.

Calls are directed to my extension. The pbx forward to my sip uri.

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