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Posted by kireevco on 12.08.2011 at 20:23:


Can't connect to the external Multifon.ru trunk. Multifon native client connects perfectly.
I have the paid account.

Posted by Diafora on 15.08.2011 at 00:59:

RE: Multifon.ru

If native client connects perfectly, stick with it. Why bother with useless PBXes, just use native client. Simplify your life.

Seriously, if you expect an informative reply with the amount of information you mentioned in your original message, I just don't know how anyone could help you. I truly understand that writing in a foreign language to get support is not at all easy, but with all the available Internet translation tools it's way easier now than in the past. This coming from someone whose native tongue is quite far from the English language.

• "Can't connect to the external Multifon.ru trunk." Does Multifon.ru provide internal trunks as well? Interesting!
• "Multifon native client connects perfectly." Nice! Can you also tell me on which OS is it running, or should I learn Russian to navigate their Flash-based website?
• "I have the paid account." How is this related to your issue? If you didn't have a paid account, you wouldn't even be able to post this message!

Help us so we can help you!

• How are you trying to use this trunk via PBXes?
• Which router do you connect to the Internet?
• Via which SIP device are you connecting to PBXes?

Posted by kireevco on 18.08.2011 at 06:35:

Augenzwinkern RE: Multifon.ru

First of all, as a paid account holder I had modestly assumed that pbxes.org support technicians could have accessed my account, so I would have no need to provide so much info. I see that it won't be like that now. Alright, I've got the answers for you and the details for everyonesmile

1. Yes, surely provides. Several days ago (a week) there have not been any problem.
2. It's Windows 7.
3. Thanks for reminding, man.

5. I can perform outgoing calls well, but incoming calls do not pass through.
6. I can't get the question. Cisco, if that makes sense)
7. That doesn't matter, because the call even without any active extension should be forwarded either to the IVR, or to the voicemail.

My suggestion is that pbxes.org doesn't save the sip.conf correctly. as a non-pro user I can't edit it directly, however i know what's wrong in the sip.conf file.

host=multifon.ru should be

and the fromdomain parameter should remain as "multifon.ru"

unfortunately pbxes gui doesn't allow you do so.

And please, do not apply to my English. I have not been speaking Russian for a long time...

Best Regards,
Dmitry Kireev

Posted by Diafora on 19.08.2011 at 12:22:

RE: Multifon.ru


I would like to clarify a major point which you seem to take for granted. Even if we have the master keys to every room in the PBXes hotel, we will not enter anyone's room unless we are expressly invited to. We respect your privacy very much, so we are trying to diagnose every issue based on your description, and help you resolve it by modifying the configuration on your own.

Your post started a new thread in the public forums, so any paid user could reply to it. Since we are not the only ones having access to this forum, the solution to your particular issue might have been suggested from another PBXes user, who surely will not have access to your account configuration. The lack of pertinent information for any issue, will inhibit them from suggesting a possible solution.

Let's now concentrate on your issue at hand. This trunk was working properly up until a week ago, both for outgoing and inbound calls. This suggests that unless a change was made in the configuration of your PBXes' account, something changed on multifon.ru's side. Have you inquired with them?

Regarding the suggested setup for the multifon.ru Trunk, in the Account section of the PBXes GUI, the "SIP server or proxy:" should be set to "sbc.megafon.ru" and the "domain:" should be set to "multifon.ru". Try it with these settings and let us know if it resolves your issue.

Answer #7: Chances are that your Inbound Route for this trunk will need to be altered. Without a proper Inbound route, incoming calls can neither reach an IVR (DR) nor any voicemail. PBXes simply doesn't know where to route the call and will most likely drop it, sending back to the remote SIP Proxy a 404 Not Found reply.

Take care.

Posted by kireevco on 20.08.2011 at 20:58:

RE: Multifon.ru

I've thought that "Allow independent moderators to see your call log & configuration data for support (readonly, no passwords) and provisioning (write trunks, extensions and dialrules) purposes" checkbox in the profile means that I allow you to enter my "room"...

I'd like to have the support response at first, but help of the all the rest will be appreciated too, thanks.

Yes, their support reports that nothing changed there.

Right now it is set to these settings. And it has been set since long time ago. I've tried to change and re-save settings - nothing helped.

The route is set up properly and has a trunk name to use.

Could somebody from the support change the settings as they supposed to be (see my previous post)?

Offtopic... I've been billed recently, I don't think it's worth paying, while you have such problems in the range of your SLA .

08/31/2011 Update.
Hey, guys, are you going to propose anything?

Posted by bazmercer on 01.09.2011 at 16:31:

RE: Multifon.ru


As a pro user, I think you can do this yourself by editing the config files.

Have a look at the "source view" menu then "sip.conf" Choose the trunk from the dropdown at the top and edit as you like.

Posted by kireevco on 02.09.2011 at 03:47:

RE: Multifon.ru

I've bought a pro subsctiption 1 day ago. Editing the config has no result. The site deletes everything, what it considers to be unnecessary .
Hiring third-party contractors has shown, that there are several possible workarounds for that problem, for ex. adding the protocol to the register string (like register=>tcp://...), but the source editing utility doesn't understand anything except it supposed to understand, and it deletes the workaround totally.

Native client still works.
PBXes has ho support at all... Can you imagine that? I've bought a subscription to remove a bug! Haha smile

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