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Posted by jamiehofman on 23.11.2010 at 20:02:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Yes, I too am concerned about the chat invitations. I only found out about it because of some warning/error email that is returned to me. What is tactually happening w/ these chat invitations?

Posted by saintlucia on 24.11.2010 at 00:00:

RE: Google Voice Peering

This is well documented already. Asterisk 1.8 Documentation Calling using Google

"In your Google account, you'll want to change the Chat setting from the default of "Automatically allow people that I communicate with often to chat with me and see when I'm online" to the second option of "Only allow people that I've explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I'm online."

Also one would be well advised not to use their main Google account for such purposes. I recently configured Skype for Asterisk on my own box. Skype forces this policy for SFA and Skype Connect. I can see the wisdom in not using a personal account for integration into a PBX.

Posted by jamiehofman on 24.11.2010 at 00:05:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Thanks for the tip about chat. That looks like it will solve the problem.

I wish I could use a non-personal account, but I'm already "locked" into using my google voice account/phone number.

Posted by dachrol52 on 24.11.2010 at 04:43:

RE: Google Voice Peering

White noise instead of ringing? The problem is when someone calls my Gizmo5 # that is forwarded to GV, there is "white noise" instead of a ring. I've tested it and found that when there should be a ring, every ring is replaced with "white noise".

I have deleted my GV peering and pressed the Submit in Personal Settings several times, already. Each time the noise goes away and returns after a short period of time.

Otherwise, the service works great! Has any one else experienced this? What to do?

Regards, ~D

Posted by jamiehofman on 24.11.2010 at 23:36:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Somehow this unsolicited message is STILL being sent to who knows how many of my contacts, even though I changed the chat setting as previously discussed. I know this because I keep getting this message, ever since I set up the GV trunk:
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 <XXXX@aol.com>: Recipient address rejected: aol.com (state 14).

----- Original message -----

MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: by with SMTP id q12mr9989171ibd.34.1290633152407; Wed,
24 Nov 2010 13:12:32 -0800 (PST)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 13:12:32 -0800
Message-ID: <AANLkTim2mrZFw9BqM6uEMwia6osq4sSU9kjUuxuiL2aU@mail.gmail.com>
Subject: XXXXXXXwants to chat
From: XXXXXXX@gmail.com>
To: XXXXX@aol.com
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
- Hide quoted text -


XXXXXX wants to stay in better touch using some of Google's coolest new

If you already have Gmail or Google Talk, visit:
You'll need to click this link to be able to chat with XXXXX.

To get Gmail - a free email account from Google with over 2,800 megabytes of
storage - and chat with XXXXXXXX, visit:

Gmail offers:
- Instant messaging right inside Gmail
- Powerful spam protection
- Built-in search for finding your messages and a helpful way of organizing
emails into "conversations"
- No pop-up ads or untargeted banners - just text ads and related information
that are relevant to the content of your messages

All this, and its yours for free. But wait, there's more! By opening a Gmail
account, you also get access to Google Talk, Google's instant messaging


Google Talk offers:
- Web-based chat that you can use anywhere, without a download
- A contact list that's synchronized with your Gmail account
- Free, high quality PC-to-PC voice calls when you download the Google Talk

We're working hard to add new features and make improvements, so we might also
ask for your comments and suggestions periodically. We appreciate your help in
making our products even better!

The Google Team

To learn more about Gmail and Google Talk, visit:

(If clicking the URLs in this message does not work, copy and paste them into
the address bar of your browser).

It's disturbing. How does this happen, PBXEs????

Posted by bigmcguire on 26.11.2010 at 19:49:

RE: Google Voice Peering


I registered a Premium Account so I could use my Google Voice with my PAP2T router. For the life of me I can't get incoming calls to work, but outbound calls work just fine.

It is spamming everyone on my Google Talk list with emails saying that I want to talk to them.

Posted by jamiehofman on 26.11.2010 at 20:26:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Yes, I think I got too excited too soon. This is not ready for prime time. I'm still spamming my friends.

Why can't Google release their own software/sip service?

Posted by pasqualei on 27.11.2010 at 15:32:

RE: Google Voice Peering


I am not seeing any spamming for my account.

Have you considered creating a google voice account just for PBXes?

Posted by jamiehofman on 27.11.2010 at 16:16:

RE: Google Voice Peering

You're not seeing any spamming because you don't have any email addresses that are blocked by the provider or have an error in the address. That's the way that I found out.

I'm tied to my current GV account/#, and unfortunately switching is not an option. unglücklich

Posted by hsmalley on 30.11.2010 at 00:27:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Now I can't make any outbound calls on GV. unglücklich What's up with that?

Posted by dachrol52 on 30.11.2010 at 08:47:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Do you have 0 local and 1 longdistance setup to use gtalk? Mine is working fine, only inbound calling receives static ring. I've reverted to my original setup using gv>sipgate>pbxes for inbound calling.

Posted by hsmalley on 01.12.2010 at 16:01:

RE: Google Voice Peering

I have what ever defaults are put in when you create the tunk,


For the outbound route I have set valid for all numbers.

I have the same problem for inbound calls too. I had to setup the same thing using gv>sipgate>pbxes for inbound calling too.

Posted by epilatow on 02.12.2010 at 00:45:

RE: Google Voice Peering

hey all, i'm new to pbxes.com and i just setup a paid account so i could
use the google voice bridging.

So i setup two GV trunks in my pbxes.com account. One GV account is
Google Apps based and the other is an @gmail.com account. I'm using
sipdroid on android as a SIP client, and with that I can successfully
initiate outbound call through either GV account. But i can't seem to
get any inbound routing to work. For inbound routing, i have one
general rule which contains an empty trunk name and cid that should
accept all calls and forward it to my one extension, 000, which is the
extension that sipdroid logs into. Whenever i call either of the GV
numbers from a random phone, the calls never go through to sipdroid,
instead i just get a busy signal or a horribly corrupted busy signal.
But I know that pbxes.com is seeing the calls since they show up in Call
Monitor as:

Caller ID Number: <the number i called from>
Destination: 000
Trunk: Gtalk
Context: ext-local
App: Busy

I've tried deleting and recreating my trunks, outbound/inbound routes,
etc, tweaking assorted parameters, all to no avail. Any recommendations
on what i need to do to get these incoming calls routed to my sipdroid

ps - @distinct - given that the GV bridge uses xmpp/jabber, if you're
trying to use GV with an apps account, you should make sure that your
apps domain has the proper xmpp/jabber DNS SRV records setup. for more
details see:

pps - i'm NOT having any problems with chat/friend request spam.

Posted by i-p-tel on 02.12.2010 at 00:59:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Don't use extension 000, any other non-zero number should do.

Posted by epilatow on 02.12.2010 at 01:09:

RE: Google Voice Peering

@i-p-tel: i changed my extension number from 000 to 100 and now inbound calls works great and you've got another new monthly subscriber. thanks.

Posted by natures on 02.12.2010 at 20:41:

RE: Google Voice Peering

outgoing calls no longer work for me on GV, hear ringing but call is not connected at all.

Posted by i-p-tel on 03.12.2010 at 00:52:

Achtung RE: Google Voice Peering

Outgoing calls stopped to work. We are looking into it...

Posted by natures on 03.12.2010 at 16:00:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Originally posted by i-p-tel
Outgoing calls stopped to work. We are looking into it...

Thanks.. would be witing for your next updates...

Posted by i-p-tel on 06.12.2010 at 23:48:

Lampe RE: Google Voice Peering

Outgoing calls bridging has been restored.

Posted by tinybear on 07.12.2010 at 00:34:

RE: Google Voice Peering

Outgoing calls now work fine for my Google Voice line too.

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