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Posted by cc on 17.06.2009 at 09:05:

Fragezeichen how to pass *123 to callcentric

Hi all!

I haven't been able to figure out how to pass *123 (or other codes) to my trunk provider (callcentric in this case), it always gets answered by pbxes. I hope someone can tell me the answer real quick.


Posted by pasqualei on 17.06.2009 at 21:13:

RE: how to pass *123 to callcentric

I used to have a problem with a similar dial pattern. My solution resided in my adapter (at the time a pap2) and solved it by adding a rule into the pap2 dialplan.

If you don't wish to alter your adapter dialplan (assuming you use an adapter) you may want to consider adding an extension to your pbx account.

First add towards the top of your outbound routing rule *123 within " Custom Dial Patterns" and choose callcentric as the sole provider in the trunk sequence.

Then add a classic extension, I assigned it the extension number '123'; in the pstn_number I added '*123'.

I am sure there are simpler solutions, this one worked for me.

Good Luck


Posted by Diafora on 18.06.2009 at 00:26:

RE: how to pass *123 to callcentric

If the ATA or IP phone has a Dial Plan facility, then definitely use it. Also consider that some of these devices process Vertical Service Activation Codes locally and this sequence might conflict with them.

Posted by cc on 18.06.2009 at 07:32:

RE: how to pass *123 to callcentric

Oh wow! Thanks a ton for the help!

I didn't have to mess around with my dial plan (on my pap2t-na) or add a classic extension, once I added "*123" to the custom dial patterns and selected callcentric for the trunk, it did the right thing! Sweet!

Although, now I feel like I'm missing something about the dial plan. If so, please let me know.

Thanks a lot smile

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