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Posted by telagente00 on 10.06.2009 at 19:44:

Fragezeichen Call progress

Hi all,
Just noticed a small problem with my setup, hope someone can see what I'm doing wrong.
After hours my FXOs go to a classic extension which contains the out of hours mobile phone number.
This works fine. However we just noticed today that a second simultaneous caller doesn't get a 'busy tone' as we had expected, but carries on with a 'ringing tone' which seemingly goes nowhere.
Note that the mobile doesn't have voice mail and no other system diverts are set.
My question is ... why doesn't the 2nd caller get a 'busy'

Posted by Diafora on 11.06.2009 at 07:17:

RE: Call progress

What is the state of the Call Waiting option of the mobile phone's Classic extension?

Posted by telagente00 on 11.06.2009 at 09:41:

RE: Call progress

All call forwarding options and call waiting are blank

Posted by Diafora on 12.06.2009 at 00:55:

RE: Call progress

I believe the trunk used to call the Mobile number, doesn't properly support Carrier Announcements (183 Session Progress with SDP). Try using another trunk to deliver the call to the Mobile, and note the result.

If you enable the Call Waiting option on the mobile phone's Classic extension, will the second call be delivered properly to the Mobile phone?

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