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Posted by usafreecall on 24.02.2009 at 15:29:

billing question

my paypal account that is connected to my pbxes monthly subscription has been restricted temporarily.

I expect it may take another 2-3 weeks to remove the limits on my regular account, paypal is very slow even though my account has been in good standing for over 9 years.

I attempted to set up an alternate paypal account with another credit card and renew my subscription, but it failed since I need a second bank account (which I don't have).

How do I keep my account current? Do you accept any other payment sources?

Posted by i-p-tel on 25.02.2009 at 08:45:

RE: billing question

As you are a PBXes PRO customer the grace period is 14 days after all retries of Paypal fail which can be another 10 days. So this should fit your timeframe.

We don't accept other payment methods.

Posted by usafreecall on 04.03.2009 at 16:27:

RE: billing question

corresponding with paypal is proving to be very time consuming and very frustrating - they have very limited "human" customer support and many "contact us" options are disguised computer generated reply systems. they don't offshore it, they just don't have it....

in order to keep my accounts current I added a new paypal account that I used to make my subscription payments to i-p-tel on my 2 pbxes accounts. this was done on MONDAY.

However today (WEDNESDAYy) i received an email on my old paypal email account that additional subscription payments are DELINQUENT to i-p-tel and these are failing since they are not linked to my new papal email account.

can you please review my 2 pbxes accounts and advise me as to how i bring these 2 pbxes accounts current and avoid any additional delinquent emails?
the 2 user names are (jimfla) and (usafreecall).

Posted by i-p-tel on 04.03.2009 at 18:06:

RE: billing question

It's PayPal that informs you about delinquent payments. If you want to get rid of them you need to cancel the subscriptions on your old account (and if you don't want to continue with that PayPal account).

Posted by jimfla on 06.03.2009 at 03:45:

RE: billing question

I discovered the confusion, on my account (username: jimfla) it shows that I have 1 premium subsription and 10 pbx pro subscriptions. It is my intention to use my Pbxes account with 4 extensions with unlimited minutes. My question is should I subscribe to 1 premium and 4 pbxes Pro subscriptions to accomplish this??

If so, how do I unsubscribe to 6 pbx pro subscriptions and not screw my account up.

My main concern is that i unsubscribe to something using your "store" and eliminate very elaborate setup in my account.

many thanks for your assistance.

Posted by i-p-tel on 06.03.2009 at 09:31:

RE: billing question

You are using PBXes in a manner it has not been designed for. With the unlimited option you are providing carrier services. Please note that we may cancel your account if we can't cope with growing traffic needs which already exceed normal users.

So I recommend that you keep as many subscriptions as possible. If you just pay the minimum amount to get unlimited bandwidth we would need to cancel.

Posted by usafreecall on 06.03.2009 at 17:58:

RE: billing question

i understand, i will not make any changes. many thanks as always.

Posted by onnefa on 16.05.2010 at 18:50:

RE: billing question

I paid my 2 premium accounts the last may 12 2010 and the payment its not apply yet!!!!!

Please check you statement, I have the paypal transaction number for both transactions

Posted by i-p-tel on 16.05.2010 at 20:54:

RE: billing question

According to our logs you have canceled one of your Premium subscriptions so there is one left.

Posted by onnefa on 17.05.2010 at 02:27:

RE: billing question

Originally posted by i-p-tel
According to our logs you have canceled one of your Premium subscriptions so there is one left.

That is not posible i need both accounts active please, thats why I paid 10.50 euros for one and 5.45 for the second one and your company tried to charge me again for the same service.
Thank you

Posted by i-p-tel on 17.05.2010 at 08:24:

RE: billing question

It is possible because you canceled the other.

Posted by onnefa on 17.05.2010 at 16:40:

RE: billing question

Originally posted by i-p-tel
It is possible because you canceled the other.

Can you reverse it !!! beacuse your company was charge me again for the same service!!!!!
What you do if a company charge you 3 days after for the same thing. Come on if I made a misstake ok, I accept that but it was bacause of you guys, just tell me am I have to pay again or what

Posted by i-p-tel on 17.05.2010 at 19:50:

RE: billing question

Charges are solely determined by the subscriptions that you create and manage thru Paypal. You should contact their support if there is any question on the subscription and payment process.

Posted by pasqualei on 19.05.2010 at 20:45:

RE: billing question

Had the same problem with PBXes and Paypal. Paypal will not give any refund.

The problem is that if you cancel a subscription that is paid for the next six months, you lose everything.

Paypal cancels all your subscriptions even if you just remove an expired card before adding a new one to their file, so be careful!

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