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» Setup PBXes    

· Virtual PBX as a service
· for IP phones and
· POTS phones/mobiles
· Up to 2 voice channels
· No monthly fees
· More features such as fax,
· queues, digital receptionists,
· callback, follow me,
· fixed mobile convergence
· Unlimited extensions
· CRM for Call Centers
· Billing for Call Shops
· Unified Desktop
· Realtime Database
· Free 14-day trial
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What our Clients say
On a final note, I've got to applaud PBXes: I'm a newbie with little experience, but they've certainly got a great system here. It's not only simple for beginners, but it also offers programming flexibility for the more advanced. Fantastic... Vielen Dank für Eure tolle Leistung!

703220, Odense

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