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» Setup PBXes    

· Virtual PBX as a service
· for IP phones and
· POTS phones/mobiles
· Up to 2 voice channels
· No monthly fees
· More features such as fax,
· queues, digital receptionists,
· callback, follow me,
· fixed mobile convergence
· Unlimited extensions
· CRM for Call Centers
· Billing for Call Shops
· Unified Desktop
· Realtime Database
· Free 14-day trial
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What our Clients say
You are a GREAT man! You brought to all of us as many possibility as we can think about! At a very cheap price. I'm not in business with VoIP. I think the VoIP as a way to be free. Not only free speech. Free to achieve the goals people need. A small business Company, let say 5 employes, can have its own IVR, DIDs, call transfers and so on WITHOUT knowledge Linux and without expenses for an Aterisk Technician. Now we can share knowledge about IP pbxes among common people. I hope you can grow more and more because knoledge is important. Thank You!!!!

pbx00, Rome

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